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 Located at the crossroads, Georgian cuisine has absorbed the best culinary traditions of the many peoples of Asia, the Black Sea coast, and Europe. Georgians consider that every guest is God-sent, and love and respect for guests are passed from one generation to another.

Georgians have managed to make their cuisines not only magically delicious, but also bright, original, unique and unforgettable. And, most importantly, only the freshest ingredients, obligatory sauces, seasoning spices and greens are used in cooking.



Khachapuri and Breads

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**Homemade imeruli & sulguni cheese baked in yeast dough; served with poached organic egg

##Achma – Georgian style lasagna
**with homemade imeruli & sulguni cheese/spinach/baked eggplant

**Homemade imeruli & smoked sulguni cheese melted inside yogurt dough


**Organic Chopped beef, onions, herbs & Georgian spices baked inside yeast dough

##Lobiani (vegan)
**Mashed pinto beans baked inside yeast dough

##Chvishtari (gluten free)
**Pan roasted corn bread with Homemade imeruli & sulguni cheese; served with bazhe – Georgian walnut sauce

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**Homemade imeruli & sulguni cheese melted inside yogurt dough, baked with extra cheese on top

##Khachapuri shampurze
**Khachapuri on skewer grilled with homemade sulguni cheese


**Homemade imeruli & sulguni cheese melted inside puff pastry


##Tarkhuniani (vegan)
**Tarragon with herbs and scallions baked inside yeast dough

**Organic Chopped meat, mushrooms, onions, salt pepper baked inside yeast dough

##Mchadi lorit (gluten free)
**Pen roasted Georgian corn bread with smoked pork belly



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##Lobio (gluten free, vegan)
**Pinto beans cooked with onions, fresh herbs & Georgian spices; served with Mchadi & Georgian salad

##Lobio Rachuli (gluten free)
**Pinto beans cooked with homemade smoked pork belly, onions, fresh herbs & Georgian spices; served with Mchadi & Georgian salad

##Shkmeruli (gluten free)
**Organic grass-fed Cornish hen oven roasted with garlic & thyme pan sauce; served with Georgian bread

##Tsitsila Rachulad (gluten free)
**Organic grass-fed Cornish hen oven roasted, served with blackberry, cilantro & garlic sauce and Georgian bread

##Satsivi (gluten free)
**Organic, grass-fed chicken cooked in walnut sauce & Georgian spices (served cold) with ghomi (Georgian grits) and Sulguni cheese on the side (served hot)




Georgian wine on us

Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening, we’re offering groups of 10 or more that book an area in our bar a complimentary bottle of Georgian wine.
Call our reservations team on (212) 353 3838 for more information.

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