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Maia Acquaviva, founder of Oda House, moved to the United States from the country Georgia in 2007 as a trained plastic surgeon who re-discovered her culinary calling in New York City.

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Georgia: A country with cultural crossroads
Georgia’s roots can be traced back to 4th century BC. The earliest evidence of wine to date was found here, in 8,000-year-old wine jars. The Great Silk Road passes through Georgia and has played a highly significant role in the country’s culture and history. As it served as the roadways of cultural exchange, Georgian cuisine has absorbed the best culinary traditions of the many peoples of Asia, the Black Sea coast and Europe.

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Georgians consider that every guest is God-sent and love and respect for guests are passed from one generation to another.

Dining on the bold, traditional flavors of Georgian cuisine is like stepping into your grandmother’s kitchen and eating your favorite feel-good food.

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